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Pendulo Cero Invited to the Performance of “Dissection” with Miroslava Wilson.

Updated: Jul 22, 2021

Dissection is the result of a specific and intimate investigation on the memories and experiences of the interpreter (Miroslava Wilson). A detailed analysis of experiences stored in the body. Subtle, multi-layered approximation of the human being, as elements, energy currents. A look at the parts of the body from an anatomical and experiential perspective.

Through the creative model "Device Theater" developed by the stage director Dora Arreola, and the co-creation and choreography of Miroslava Wilson, added to the original and live musicalization of the piece by the composer Axel Tamayo Dissection is presented in 4 fundamental scenes: The right to advance on the feet, the right to love and be loved focused on the thymus heart area, the right to speak and be heard in the neck throat and the right to act located in an integral way in the continuous spiral of the body.


The piece is a process of human search and recognition, the result of a work of contact, learning and explorations carried out in residences in different contexts and temporalities, completing it by transforming it into a shared experience with the public. The musicalization of the work is original and is performed live by an instrumental design that goes hand in hand with each phase of the work.

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