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Mujeres en Ritual: Género y Tranformación / Gender and Transformation by Dora Arreola and Sergio Rommel Guzman Alfonso. Bilingual book with essays and interviews, in English and Spanish. National Council for Culture and the Arts (CONACULTA): Tijuana, México, 2014.

Book Chapters

“Mujeres que Danzan Tijuana.” A chapter in the book, Mujeres que Danzan. Testimonios. IMAC Colección Palabras Press. Tijuana, B.C. Mexico, 2019
“Transgender Performance: Gender and Transformation in Mujeres en Ritual,” by Dora Arreola.  A chapter in the book, Building Womanist Coalitions: Writing and Teaching in the Spirit of Love, edited by Gary L. Lemons, Ph.D. University of Illinois Press, 2019.